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Whether business or family, air travel can be a source of stress, taking away from the quality of your traveling or vacation. Let our VIP Airport Service in Israel and around the world make sure that doesn’t happen! Our team is there for you throughout your business or vacation travels to make it stress-free and more enjoyable. Our service is perfect, among others, for families, people with special needs, and persons on business travels. From start to finish, save time and benefit from personalized assistance. Forget about the endless queues and missed connections. With Israeli VIP airport services at Ben Gurion airport, and worldwide services in airports across the globe, we will escort you to the airport in a private VIP car, take care of your luggage and speed up your check-in and check-out procedures.

Our team is at your service 24/7 to make your airport experience a smooth one !



From start to finish, you can enjoy a VIP escort for your trip. Our drivers and agents guarantee unparalleled service for a smooth and enjoyable transportation experience.

Departure :
We will pick you up in a luxury car to drive you to the airport from your place of residence. Our agent will welcome you at the airport and take care of all your travel needs, including: security, luggage drop-off, check-in and access to the range of airport VIP services. Our agent will escort you all the way at the airport, remaining by your side to ensure all your needs are met until departure.

Upon arrival :
As soon as you exit the plane, our agent will meet you to make your arrival a smooth and pleasant experience. Our team will accompany you at every step and speed up airport processes, including passport control. Your luggage will be taken care of by our team and a luxury car will drive you to your hotel for check-in and an enjoyable start of your stay.



Perfect for business trips, the U VIP + LOUNGE service makes sure your time at the airport is a pleasant experience!
A luxury car will pick you up to the airport from your hotel. At the airport, you will receive a VIP welcome to make your journey time-efficient and enjoyable. The check-in and check-out processes, including luggage and VAT handling, will be carried out together with our team for smooth processing. Once completed, our agents will accompany you to the VIP lounge in order for you to either relax or work with ease before your flight.



For your ultimate comfort and a time-saving experience, choose our ROYAL VIP airport service.
Our professional VIP drivers will pick you up in a luxury car to ensure a comfortable driving experience to or from the airport. At the airport, our team will take care of your luggage, so that you can quickly get escorted to the VIP lounge for maximum comfort. To provide an uninterrupted experience, passport control will be carried out inside the lounge, in a relaxed atmosphere. During this time, our team will take care of the check-in procedure. From an equipped office to sushi delivery, your personalized welcome or departure can be organized in the VIP lounge, meeting any detail you request. Once the airport processes are completed, our team will escort you to your flight under the best conditions.


Aéroport VIP

With our tailor-made VIP service, you enjoy maximum comfort and a time-saving experience when traveling to and from the airport. Our private drivers pick you up at your hotel or residence and escort you under luxurious conditions. Discover our wide range of luxury private cars and enjoy a pleasant VIP transfer. Wherever you are, bid farewell to the stress of public transport.



Whether you are in Paris, new York or shanghai, with Unlimited Airport Services, you can enjoy maximum comfortability with VIP escort upon your arrival or departure including any kind of airport transfer at any city in the world.

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